Spiral Egg and Fruit Organizer


  • Looks stylish  actually look like art!!
  • Firm enough to accommodate the weight of all the eggs.
  • It high quality and decorates your kitchen as well.
  • It’s extraordinary & makes you know when you have run out of stock.
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Most kitchen accessories don’t look stylish at all, but some actually look like art.

You get a Base, the Main Pole and the Rings to hold your eggs. Just assemble it and display your eggs proudly. I always thought that you had to keep eggs in the ‘fridge, but I guess not. If you buy twenty four of these egg holders, you could probably make a sculpture that resembles “egg DNA”.

It is simply egg-extraordinary. If you eat a lot of eggs you may as well display them nicely & you can know when you run out of stock.

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