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SIFT, STRAIN AND RINSE — Our strainer is great for sifting and filtering out impurities and breaking up clumps in dry ingredients like flour, sugar, and spices. Also use them for rinsing fruits and vegetables or fine grains and pasta like quinoa, rice, and orzo. Strain thick or thin wet ingredients like sauces, lumpy gravy, and yogurt or for removing seeds from squeezed fruit juices.

NO WASTED FOOD — There’s no wasted food because the concave fine mesh nets easily catch and sift, strain, or drain the smallest ingredients. The sealed steel rims also prevent food from getting trapped between the mesh and the rim. Strainers are an essential tool for busy kitchens and are the secret to making consistent quality meals.

ESSENTIAL SIZES — The right assortment of strainer sizes allows you to save time, and be more efficient in the kitchen! Set includes 3.2″, 5.3″, and 7.8″ strainer sizes, which are the most popular and preferred sizes needed to handle all your tasks. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

HIGH-QUALITY KITCHENWARE — This fine strainer is made of premium durable thickening stainless steel, resist rust, corrode; sturdy handle, won’t bend or break. Thickened locking edge, not easy to lose and warp, don’t have any rough edges or wires poking out or anything. The fine mesh protects your hands from getting pricked, can stand up to both daily kitchen trivia and the rigors of professional cooking.

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