T900s Black Glue Adhesive

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T900s Black Glue Adhesive  Type is Acrylic Adhesive Adhesive Color is Transparent Floating Body Solids Content Post-curing Hardness Storage Temperature surface drying time is 3 minutes full curing time: 24 ~ 48 hours net content is optional features: – industrial strength – soft, hard-wearing, medium viscosity, low odor – waterproof, shockproof, flexible – fast bonding , good applicability – easy to use, just remove the cap and press Note: Irritation of the skin and eyes, please in a well-ventilated area. If you come into contact with your eyes, please rinse them with plenty of water and immediately see a doctor. Please keep them away from children’s storage. Keep away from sources of ignition. Usage:. Please read the product manual carefully. Before using in a large area, please do an experiment in a small area first. Make sure the sticky surface is clean and dry. The optimal operating temperature. After opening, apply evenly to the sticky surface. Wait 2-5 minutes, a little pressure on the sticky surface is required. Let it rest for a few hours. After 48 hours it can achieve the optimal adhesive strength. When not in use, please put the cap on to prevent the adhesive from hardening.

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