VON HCFH330SS/VAFC33DUS 213L Chest Freezer


  • Von Hotpoint Chest Freezer
  • Fast freeze option
  • Thick thermal insulation
  • Lamps
  • Wheels
  • Two baskets
  • One separator
  • Silver aluminium lining
  • CFC free
  • External condenser
  • Step interior – bigger volume
  • Lock
  • Tropicalised
  • Low noise levels
  • Normal lid and sliding glass lid
  • 1 year warranty
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Highly Tropicalized Compressor

This fridge has a highly tropicalized compressor combined with an external condenser to keep your fridge cool and your edibles fresh at all times. The freezer has an in-built super freeze technology option that keeps all your edibles at a preferable temperature super fast.

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The freezer comes with a one year warranty. Order VON HCFH330SS/VAFC33DUS 213L Chest Freezer from santaecommerce.com in Kenya and have it delivered you.


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