Von VES1002FS 100W RMS Subwoofer Speaker System


2.1 Channel 100Watts Home theatre hoofer
USB slot
SD/MMC slot
LED display
Aux/Digital FM ready
Bass extreme
Remote control


Bring your living room to life with this stylish subwoofer from Hotpoint. This sound system is designed for the extreme entertainment lovers to enjoy their amazing music and movies with sound clarity never heard before. When it comes to sound, sometimes it is good to get a machine specifically geared to that function and features such as FM Tuner with inbuilt memory to store your favorite channels, Bluetooth, USB port make it an ideal System to have. This device is meant to amplify every octave and quartet, a system that brings meaning and feeling to music. You can easily connect it to the TV, DVD player or even your smartphone for all of your favorite tunes.

Order Von VES1002FS 100W RMS Subwoofer Speaker System from santaecommerce.com in Kenya and it will be delivered to you.



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