WiFi Panorama Bulb Camera


  • Easy to install
  • It’s two way,
  • Auto record
  • Best quality
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capture clear images even of evening. Intelligent night vision provides ordinary night vision and color night vision, you can easily choose according to your own needs.

Wireless Remote Viewing & Real-Time Alerts: This PTZ bulb home security surveillance light bulb camera can be accessed via APP by iPhone/Android phones. The pan tilt motor can rotate the outdoor bulb camera to a horizontal of 355 degrees and a vertical of 90 degrees, the bulb security camera adopts highly sensitive motion sensor, when a moving object is detected, It will record the image in real time and notify you through the app.

Two-way audio and high-quality service: Built-in highly sensitive microphone and speaker, this outdoor wifi wireless bulb camera supports real-time two-way audio conversation, this way you can talk to your family or visitors when you are not at home, easy Monitor and talk with this live video streaming wireless surveillance WiFi bulb cameras.

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