3 in1 Car Modulator with FM, Bluetooth and multiple charger


  • Voltage detection
  • USb output
  • 3 in 1 charger
  • LED rainbow lighting


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The c31 car Modulator has a fancier look which is brought by the shiny led rainbow strip that goes round at the top of the gadget. It comes with 3 charging ports which include the type c, normal charging cable and the fast charge which Is for the iPhone and iPad. It is safe to use, with inbuilt capacitors to stop large currents from Messing up your gadgetsBack to the product page

Discover the C31 3 in 1 FM modulator, a practical and versatile device, equipped with multiple functions and elegant design in black. This FM modulator offers you versatile connectivity and convenience in the car, bringing you various possibilities to enjoy your favorite music and charge your devices during your travels.

The C31 3 in 1 FM modulator is equipped with three main functions, which makes it a complete device for your needs in the car. First of all, the FM modulator allows you to play your favorite music from various sources, such as memory cards, USB sticks or audio devices through the Bluetooth connection. You can listen to your favorite songs through your car’s audio system, offering you a superior quality audio experience during your travels.

Secondly, the C31 FM modulator is equipped with a USB port, which allows you to charge mobile devices while traveling. Whether it’s smartphones, tablets or other devices, you can benefit from fast and efficient charging in the car, ensuring that your devices are always ready for use.

In addition, C31 FM modulator comes with multiple cables, including USB charging cable and auxiliary cable, to meet your various connectivity needs. This gives you the flexibility to connect your devices to the FM modulator and use them in the car in a simple and convenient way.

The elegant and compact design of the C31 FM modulator makes it easy to install and use in any car. You can connect the FM modulator to the car’s power socket and synchronize the FM frequency with your car’s audio system, to play your favorite music through the car’s speakers. The integrated LED display allows you to see useful information, such as the selected FM frequency and battery status, to have complete control over your in-car experience.

In conclusion, the C31 3 in 1 FM modulator, with USB port, multiple cables and elegant design in black, is the perfect solution for versatile connectivity and convenience in the car. With multiple functions, compact design and additional facilities, this FM modulator brings you comfort and flexibility during your travels. Enjoy your favorite music and fast charging in the car with the C31 3 in 1 FM modulator!

Specifications:Maximum current: 3.10 A. Output ports: USB-A, USB-C. Charging cable: Lightning, USB-C, Micro-USB. Frequency range: 87.5 Р108 MHz.Order 3 in 1Car Modulator  from santaecommerce.com online shop in Kenya at an affordable price and it will be delivered to you.


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