4G CPE Tecno Mifi


  • Support Both WiFi and Voice Function
  • Built-in  Battery
  • 300Mbps high-speed Internet access, WiFi supports .
  • Share internet connection
  • One-button Internet Access by WPS Function
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4G CPE Tecno Mifi Tecno 4G CPE TR215 Sim Card Router with Inbuilt Battery Tecno 4G CPE TR215 Adopts 2X2 MIMO multiple input & multiple output technology stronger wall penetration capability.2X2 MIMO multiple input & multiple output technology, which effectively realizes signal superposition, improves signal accuracy, increases signal accuracy, increases signal strength, and ensure signal penetration. It can surf the Internet smoothly even in the corner. -Plug & Play Enjoy WIFI anytime Insert Sim card ,can go online anytime. 4G to WiFi, 4G to LAN wire network,suitable for switch,desktop,phones,smart TV, monitoring, ect. can achieve the perfect battery performance and make sure you can enjoy the internet freely . Long standby time which make sure you can enjoy the internet freely .

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