DM 128GB Internal Laptop SSD Drive

Original price was: KSh4,000.Current price is: KSh3,500.

  • Fast write and read speed.
  • No Noise
  • No spinning parts and therefore more durable.
  • Improves your laptop’s performance


DM 128GB Internal Laptop SSD Drive uses a solid state storage medium, typically NAND (often known as flash), and data is written to or read from the NAND by a controller, which effectively is the brains of the device. With an SSD there is no variable seek time or rotational latency, as every part of the SSD can be accessed in the same amount of time. Data reads and write speeds are very rapid. SSDs generally have a faster I/O performance compared to the older spinning HDDs.
SSDs also consume less watts and therefore save power in the long run. The SSD Technology also allows you to back up your data faster and saves you time. The Drive is quiet as it does not have any rotating component. The fast read and write speeds enables you to access and open your documents, applications, audio and video files easier and faster. The SSD is static and therefore more tolerant to shock making it reliable with minimal failure rate securing your data for longer. This Internal SSD help to improve boot time and overall speed on your laptop. The storage device produces less heat and is lighter to carry around. This SSD is 2.5″ and therefore fits easily on your laptop motherboard. You can also purchase an external casing, fix it and use this as an external SSD to store your files and carry around.
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