Baoling 84mm Amoured Rectangular 5 Keys Padlock


  • Anti rust
  • Anti prying
  • Anti sawing
  • Durable


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Its an ultimate heavy security shackle Baoling padlock 84mm thick lock is super tough. It’s hardened, solid steel body is anti-drill and anti-saw, which will prevent anyone from destroying the lock. This lock has been designed with safety in mind. You can be confident this lock will keep your possessions safe! All of our padlocks come with a big bundle of 5 keys. You will enough spares to last you a long time. Keep a few in a safe place, just incase you lose one. With 5 keys, you will have enough to give one to your family members and keep some as spares.  Can be used for many different situations. Why not put one on your garage to protect your bike or car? You could even put one on your gate whilst your on holiday. If you have a locker, you could even use it on there to secure it!

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