Davis Eye & Lip Liner Pencil


  • Waterproof Eye Pencil
  • With Vitamin A&E
  • Soft
  • stays for long
  • inexpensive
  • smooth texture.
  • Creamy eye pencil that glides on easily
  • smudge free
  • pigmentation is superb
  • Does not have any strong smell
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This Davis eye pencil is smooth in texture, creamy and glides easily on the skin to give your eyes a perfect finish.the pencil allow you to give your eyes and a professional finish each time

Its smooth in texture and smudge free with deep pigmentation so you will not spend time doing your makeup. It comes with a sharpener which helps keep your pencils safe for use even as the Vitamin A&E in the pencil help your lashes stay healthy.
The pencil can also be used as a lip liner make it a must have make-up item in your set!


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