Hot Air Blower Heat Gun Lamination Machine


  • Small and Portable small size, convenient to carry and store
  • Small but powerful
  • With Overload protection
  • Affordable
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Dual Temperature Heat Gun The heat gun is a durable, versatile heat gun. It features dual high  and low temperature settings, with Reflector Nozzle for home, workshop, craft, and hobby projects.

Safety & Premium Quality Built-in overheat protection, the current of this heat gun will be cut off automatically when the temperature is overheated to avoid melting and fire. Made of high-quality ABS plastic shell and stainless steel air outlet, which are resistant to high temperature, corrosion, and long-lasting service life. Combined with the UL-Certificated cord, pretty safe to use!

Portable & Convenient to Use With a smaller size and light weight, it is easy to carry and store. Less prone to fatigue during long hours of work. The Integrated hands-free design allows the heat gun to run stably on the workbench, freeing hands to complete the work more efficiently.

Versatile Application Wide use and perfect for DIY projects. This mini heat gun can be used for shrink wrapping, air bubble removing, electronics repairing, watercolor drying, defrosting, and so on. If you like to DIY, it is a great tool for you to make your own handmade work.

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