Mini Laser Stage Lighting Projector


  • High quality 4 patterns Red Green Laser light.
  • Auto play mode/sound play mode.
  • Fit Global Power, US/EU power plug, or AU/UK converter+ US plug;
  • Light Effect: Pattern Gobo(s)moving R&G laser 4 patterns projector.
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Mini Laser Stage Lighting Projector; Light Effects: Pattern Gobo(s): moving R&G laser 4 patterns projector, can Adjust flash speed and motor speed, can stop one pattern, Please see our product effect pictures or Video; Notice: Some of the effects need smoke machine!
Best Projection Distance: 1-6m
Laser Source: High quality laser Diode, Red: 650nm, Green:532nm,150,The designed laser spot (in the pattern) has a power of less than 0.1mw and can be used safely.
Work mode: Auto play/Sound play/flash play;
Control mode: Manual control;
Sound(Music) mode: At Suitable range distance, with the music of the ring (bass), changes in the pattern of strong and weak.
At a certain distance, a certain sound intensity, a large speaker, with the strength of music conversion laser strength (Note: please do not use your phone test this features , The phone playing music is not applicable in this mode, because the phone is too small to play music strength, not a our light question, this mode if for Great speaker effects design products);
Auto play: the patterns auto moving and change.

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