Wins Town Fruit Flavour Beauty Tea


  • 100% natural. No chemicals or preservatives.
  • Traditional Chinese herbal natural extract.
  • Dosage forms: bag bubble, instant, ultrafine powder, nylon triangle bag, meal replacement powder, dietary fiber powder, foot bath foot powder, candy tea pillow, etc.
  • Function: Five elements of health, internal regulation of external use, full effect;
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Wins Town Fruit Flavour Beauty Tea is enriched with whitening and moisturizing ingredients such as lemon, rose, lily, Angelica dehurica, collagen powder, hibiscus flowers to effectively fade melanin and deeply moisturize your skin, leaving it shiny. Ingredients: Lily, Angelica dahurica white tuckahoe, Coix Seed, Lemon, Peach Dices. Hibiscus Flowers, Double Red Rose, collagen powder, Licorice. Effect: 1. Clear, glow Skin And Anti-aging Refresh And Nourish Your Skin From The Inside And Outside Improve Your Skin Complexion And Booster For Both Day And Evening Beauty Routine. Direction: Pick the teabag into the cup, brew it with boiling water for 3-5 minutes then drink, every teabag can be repeated brew 2-3 times until it is diluted. You can also add lemon or honey according to your personal taste

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